“I am very thankful for the compassionate care we received from Chicagoland Pet Cremation. They made a difficult time less painful and truly are caring and compassionate. They understand how difficult losing a pet is and they treat you and your pet with dignity and compassion. I highly recommend Joe and his team.”
-Rob B., Google

“At 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning I called and to my surprise, a kind and compassionate man heard the urgency in my voice. Our precious dog was failing and in pain. Joe arranged for the mobile vet to come to our house and we were able to put her sleep in her favorite place outdoors with the family surrounding her. Dr. Z canceled his morning appointments to come. He gave us all time to say goodbye. We have a beautiful urn with her ashes and photo and a pawprint. He also saved a bit of her fur which we forgot to ask for. We had a peaceful, amazing experience during a very difficult time. We do have another dog and will be returning for your services again when the time comes. Thank you for your compassion and professionalism.”
-Michelle E., Google

“I’ve been here now twice and will always go here whenever I lose one of my little stinkies. Unfortunately, my pets don’t have long life spans and have passed away out of nowhere (Guinea pig and I adopted an older bird) :(. I love them with all my heart and this is the place that; really has that empathy to understand that. They really will go out of their way for u and it means so much. Animals are my best friends and deserve a special funeral service like humans too. I highly recommend u go HERE. They are very caring and show lots of empathy. Thank u so much Chicagoland for making my pain a little better. Not overpriced! They do an amazing job I promise! :)”
-Hunter F., Google

“It’s a review that’s been way overdue. 2 years ago my Dog Snoopy was diagnosed with Lymphoma Stage 4 Cancer was given days/weeks to live. He lasted a month and eventually passed away. When I received the news of my dog’s diagnosis I have been researching and preparing myself for the worst. I came across Chicagoland Pet Cremation, upon speaking to Joe, the owner, I told him my situation, he gave me plenty of advice and he listened to me and my situation. He rests assured that when the time comes, my beloved dog will be in good hands. I am so glad I came across his business page. The pricing is reasonable.
He walked us through the whole process and I learned about the story behind him opening up his business. It’s a long story but you should check it out on their business website. Losing a pet is like losing a best friend/family, it’s a great feeling of pain and sadness. Glad Joe and his team were there to help. Sadly, my other dog was diagnosed with a heart problem and I knew it that time again that I have to make that difficult call. Like then, he made sure that we were accommodated. Very compassionate, flexible, and professional. I highly recommend Chicagoland Pet Cremation. Joe and John, from my family and I, we sincerely thank you for treating our beloved pet with dignity, compassion, and respect.”
-Red M., Google

“My mom’s beloved dog/family member Prince’s health was deteriorating and I had to make the arrangements to have him euthanized and cremated. We considered having our veterinarian handle everything but the thought of having to move Prince around and bring him out in the cold weather, put him in the car, and be limited to only 2 people with him in the vet’s office during covid, and to have Prince lay on the cold examination table…we couldn’t do that to Prince. We made the most humane and best decision for Prince by choosing to have a vet come to our home. It was of utmost importance to us that Prince is comfortable. I did a lot of research and after reading the wonderful reviews about Joe and Chicagoland Pet Cremation in Bloomingdale I decided to call him. He was kind, calm, sympathetic, and gave me all the information I needed. I decided to go with the option for a vet to come to our home the next day to do the sedation, euthanization, and the transport of Prince to the Chicagoland Pet Cremation for private cremation with a personalized wooden urn. My mom was worried that after euthanization that the vet would be in a rush to take Prince and we wouldn’t fully get to say final goodbye and Joe said the vet would give us as much time as we need. Before I got off the phone with Joe he told me I can call him anytime if I have any other questions. He offered his sincere condolences and reassured me that Prince would be taken care of. Later that evening Prince’s condition took a fast downward spiral. He had 9 very aggressive seizures from 11:45 pm – 7 am. It was the worst night of our lives. Prince did not make it to 11 am (our appointment for the vet to come over to euthanize). What are we supposed to do now? His body is stiff, his mouth is wide open he’s not breathing, but his body is STILL warm. Is he dead? What do we do with the dead body? Will it smell? Do we wrap it up with a blanket or plastic bag? Do we tape it up? Will blood or excrements come out? So many questions and this was our first pet death. I called Joe at 7:05 am and told him Prince passed away. He apologized for our loss. He answered all my questions and he canceled the vet appointment to come out. He canceled his morning plans and drove all the way from the city to meet us at Chicagoland Pet Cremation. He offered us a refund for the vet portion of the package we paid for (that was very kind of him to do that). My mom asked if she could be present for the cremation and Joe said she is welcome to be there for it but told her what to expect. I told my mom that it would be a horrific last image of Prince to see and remember. That it would not be the last image she would want to remember of her beloved Prince. She agreed, we said goodbye to Prince one last time and Joe promised us that he would take great care of Prince. I don’t know how things would have been if we went with another company or if we would have had it done at the vet office BUT what I do know is Joe made this a lot less painful for us and for that we are grateful. We have 2 dogs left in our family and you better believe that when that horrible time comes when they pass away, our family will be calling Joe from Chicagoland Pet Cremation.”
-Charmaine B., Google

“Honestly, I couldn’t have been happier with their services. So kind and compassionate. Losing a furry member of your family is never easy and they made me feel like they cared as much about my pet as I do. Picked up my rabbit and brought her back home for me. The wooden urn she was in was beautiful. A sweet carving rabbit above her name, she was a gorgeous rabbit and now she will forever be with us. Thank you so many guys for your amazing work. I will totally send anyone I know that loses a furry loved one to you guys.”
-Carla C., Google

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